Company Publications

This page has some of our major publications produced by Staff  or Consultants employed by Southwest NRM over time

The underlying pages are a collection of  Reports , Forms and Photos produced by South West NRM.


In 2010, South West NRM facilitated focus group workshops throughout the South West
NRM region to gain the input of land managers on the barriers to the adoption of exemplary

•Since Ancient Egypt salinity  impacts have been noted

•5.3% of Australia naturally saline

•Dryland salinity affects 2.5M Ha (15000Ha identified in Qld)


BOOBOOK Consulting was engaged by South West NRM to carry out an ecological assessment of Mt Tabor property on behalf of the Bidjara traditional owners. Following a desktop assessment of...

In order to inform property management planning for Bulloo Downs station, southwestern  Queensland, a survey to identify habitat and hotspots for Grey Grasswren Amytornis barbatus...


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